Wandering Postcards

Same same, but different

(Disclaimer: The following text contains many, many words and just as many cheesy, sentimental trips down the memory lane. Proceed at your own risk.) I’m back where I started. Literally. On the same island and (unintentionally) in the exact same... Continue Reading →


Falling in love with cats and tofu

I've always been more of a dog person. Not that I didn't like cats, but I've also never been especially fond of them (except for cute little kittens, of course). And tofu? Let's just say I would probably order anything... Continue Reading →

On the road … on motorbikes.

While I'm savouring the air conditioning in our homestay, resting my injured foot, hoping to finally get a good nights sleep, and feeling too lazy to go out, I'm also realising just how much I love it all. Despite obviously... Continue Reading →

Touching the sky

The full scale of everything is still setting in and despite feeling almost completely rested physically, my mental state hasn't quite managed to fully comprehend all of it yet. It was another one of those "let's do it without really... Continue Reading →

Happiness is a state of mind

Imagine a cute little puppy, full of energy, running around enthusiastically, sticking his nose randomly into everything and just being all over the place. It can be heartwarmingly adorable and entertaining, but having it around all the time on full-blast... Continue Reading →

Teaching and learning

I'm cooling down in our air-conditioned room in the middle of heat-scorched Yangon, trying to comprehend all the amazing, inconceivable impressions from the past month we spent at Nyaung Shwe, Inle. It was a time filled to the brim with all kinds... Continue Reading →

We found paradise!

  Do you think it's possible to fall completely, madely, unexcpectedly in love with a specific place? You know, with all the accompanying butterflies in the stomach, a constant, uneraseable smile on your face, and an uplifting feeling of pure... Continue Reading →

River canals, history, and crazy Tuk Tuks

Melaka, which is a two hour drive south of Kuala Lumpur, was a really pleasant surprise for us. Sure, we have heard a lot of really nice things about this UNESCO heritage town, but we didn't expect to find such... Continue Reading →

The “shop till you drop” city

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur from almost any South-east Asian country is bound to induce at least a mild cultural shock. There's no overwhelming taxi attack at the arrivals gate, no crazy honking traffic chaos, no trash-filled streets, no clouds of... Continue Reading →

A country of two names

Friendly thanaka covered faces, countless shining gold pagodas, the red paan spit stains on every pavement, mouth-watering salads, the lingering smell of cheroots ... these heartwarming impressions will always evoke the unforgettable memories of Myanmar (or Burma, if you prefer) in my... Continue Reading →

Walking around the city of million impressions

  What can I say about Bangkok? It's a city words can't even begin to describe and it immediately puts all your senses in a constant hyperdrive. But I can definitely easily say what Bangkok is not: boring, average, forgettable. It surely... Continue Reading →

Good things come to those who wait

  I'm lying stretched in a hammock, drinking whiskey ginger ale out of an improvised jar made out of a plastic bottle and the only thing that's bothering me right now are the many mosquito bites I've managed to collect... Continue Reading →

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