It was one late afternoon in September 2016, when my friend Tina and I made the most exciting and also the scariest decision of our lives: to take a year off and go travelling. Strangely, it was a decision made in an instant, but which also left an immediate feeling of relief … we both needed a fundamental change and we both wanted to do something like that since as long as we could remember, which made this an almost obvious move.

And so, it begun! Our finger (and finances) landed on Asia and we bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok. We told our friends and family, then came the job … for me it meant quitting a full-time job as a copywriter, which was surprisingly liberating even with the terrifying cloud of the unknown growing ever bigger above my head. And then there really was no turning back. The only thing left to do (beside grinning stupidly while browsing through photos of sandy beaches and turquoise waters) was to patiently countdown until February 2nd 2017, when a plane from Ljubljana, Slovenia, took off and carried at least two mildly scared and enormously excited 30-year-olds towards an adventure of a lifetime.

So, what happens next? I have no idea! The only thing I know, though, is that during this year of travel and adventure and who-knows-what-else, this place will be the closest thing to home for me. This is where I’ll always come to de-stress after an inevitable breakdown of plans, where I’ll share all the marvelous adventures with my family and friends, where I’ll store the countless precious memories I’ll collect along the way, and where I’ll find my sanctuary in stories from the road. This will also be a place, where all fellow travelers and wanderlusters are always welcome … so make yourself at home and come along!


Me and my travelling accomplice Tina.